About Us

Casafina Group is a privately held, Africa originated and globally focused financial service and alternative asset management firm. We provide technology driven innovative financing and wealth creation solutions targeting consumer lending, SME lending, mortgage and real estate development financing.

Our Vision

To be among the top three providers of financial and alternative asset management service to millennial generation in Nigeria by 2022.

Our Mission

We are empowering people to live to their full potential through the provision of affordable finance, wealth creation opportunities and information.

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Our Services


Our savings and investment products provide highly competitive rates, better than traditional instruments. These products options are appropriate for investors who arerisk averse and prefer guaranteed return, also investors who would want to have the dual benefit of regular cashflow and some level of capital appreciation.


Our online lending platforms offer competitive, collateral free finance solutions that spread across consumer lending, SME lending and mortgage financing. Our products, Easy Loan and Breeze provide retail consumers and employees of pre-registered corporate bodies with access to cash up to 200% - 300% of their monthly salary.


Driven by excellence, we deliver innovative solutions for value-driven project planning and execution. Our shared values define our culture and work ethic to give our clients the highest standard of quality, sustainability and technical expertise for their desired projects.


The Rent To Own scheme provides affordable home financing to upwardly mobile professionals in Nigeria. It is the more convenient and flexible means of owning your home in prime locations in Nigeria. After the payment of the Equity Contribution that constitutes 30% - 40% of the unit price, the rest of the payment can be spread over a period of up to 20 years.

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