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CASAFINA CAPITAL LIMITED is a privately held, Africa originated and globally focused financial service and alternative asset management firm. We provide technology driven innovative financing and wealth creation solutions targeting consumer lending, SME lending, mortgage and real estate development financing.

Our Vision

Who we want to be

To be among the top three providers of financial and alternative asset management service to millennial generation in Nigeria by 2022

Our Mission

How we plan to achieve it

We are empowering people to live to their full potential through provision of affordable finance, wealth creation opportunities and information.



We provide investment opportunities in alternative assets including but not limited to real estate, asset or mortgage backed short, medium and long term investment notes.


A secured, automated online saving platform that makes it easier to save money, large or small. Whether for personal project, a vacation, purchase or for investment purpose. It provides entry point to creating wealth with no minimum or maximum savings amount and allows contribution on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The platform provides above competitive interest rate of up to 10-18%.

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One Square Meter Is a member only real estate investment platform that provides return of up to 30% per annum. Investors on the platform have the opportunity to invest in construction loan granted to developers or in actual properties.

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SaversClub Fixed Deposit

We provide short term investment opportunities for members. This investment is appropriate for members who may be interested in shorter term investment, manage their cash flow or get better return than they currently earn from the traditional financial institutions. This investment has a minimum tenure of 3 month and a maximum tenure of 12 month renewable upon maturity. Click to here have one of our advisors call you.


We offer competitive financing solutions in the following target niche; Consumer lending, SME financing, real estate development finance, infrastructure & Mortgage financing.


An online lending platform that provide retail consumers with access to cash of up to 200-300% of monthly salary at a very competitive rate. Easyloan hopes to streamline the process of loan and access leveraging on technology.

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Our online B2B lending platform that provides instant loan to employees of pre-registered employer groups. It is provides a zero documentation portal with customized credit line and dashboard for each employee. The platform provides one of the best rate in the consumer lending industry and an access to our personal finance coaching training.

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RTO - Rent to own

This is our rent to own scheme that provides mortgage finance solution for properties developed via the one square Metre platform. We provide an innovative and flexible mortgage scheme spanning 2-15 years.

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We offer through Casafina Media, value adding information relevant for personal finance decision making & personal development. Our information products focus on Personal finance, Personal development, Entrepreneurship, sales/marketing & leadership.

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Successful Investment requires that you understand your RISK Tolerance & Time Horizon. Let us help you on this journey